an exercise in spontaneous illustration

thisisrabbit began in 2001 as an exercise in spontaneous illustration of narrative. Back then the concept was that using automatic writing techniques from improvisation an instant narrative could be created with a few simple pen strokes. Peeling back the visual elements to allow viewers as much room as possible for their imaginations to create the scenario and story, all the while feeling that they haven’t worked at all.

The project has evolved over the years into a combination of doodling, street art and screen-printing. As an illustrator it has always been about finding new ways to put a story in front of people and seeing what they say, think or feel.

Currently I'm working on a project called Doodle A Day in which I upload a sketch every day for one year. I will be publishing four zines of the sketches, one for each quarter. You can watch the project unfold live on flickr.

In 2009 an unauthorized copy of one of my street art peices popped up inside the video game Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.